Our Machines

Workshop Machines

Lathe, Shaper, Milling, Radial Drill, Hydr. Press, Iron Worker, Power Hacksaw Abrasive Disc Cutter, Bench Grinder etc.

Sheet Metal Machines

Shearing, Bending, Rolling, Pipe Bending etc.

Engine Re-building Machines

Crankshaft Grinder, Cylinder Boring, Cylinder Honing, Line Boring, Head Facing, Connecting Rod Boring, Valve Refacing.

Wood Working Machines

Universal Woodworking Combined Machines:
7- Operations, 5- Operations, Planner, Thicknesser, Circular Saw, Band Saw, Woodturning Lathe & Hot Press etc.

Aluminium Working Machines

Cutting, Frazing, Rolling, Crimping, Air Compressor.

Ducting Machines

Foot Shear, Box & Pan (Bending), Hand Brake (Bending), Sheet Rolling. Lock Forming, Grooving Machine etc.

Other Items

Bronze Solid/ Hollow round bars, Brass Solid round/Hex bars, Cast Iron round bars, Nylon/Teflon round bars, Aluminium round bars etc., Module Gear cutters, Milling cutters, H.S.S Cutting Tools, Lathe tools, Lathe Chucks and Magnetic Drills and Diving Heads and Bench Vices.

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